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Rope And Cordage

Whether you’re tying down sails or securing parts of your boat, you need high-quality ropes to keep it running smoothly. At Boating & RV, we offer a large range of boat rope and cordage that will help you keep your boat performing at a high level.

Polyester Boat Rope

Polyester Double Braid is the standard for boating and marine applications, providing a soft yet incredibly strong rope that’s ideal for sheet lines and hands-on activities. It’s waterproof and UV-resistant, allowing it to withstand even the harshest marine environments.

If you need polyester rope with less stretch and a stronger weave, then the Low Stretch Polyester Rope is a great alternative. . This braided polyester rope is designed with a tight weave and comes pre-stretched, providing a stronger and more stable line of rope.

For more general applications, we stock various brands and styles of cords. You can use Plaited Lacing Cords or VB Cords, for an e excellent all-round braided rope designed for general use.

Nylon and Silver Yacht Rope

Silver rope is one of the most widely used yacht ropes for general boat use, providing a cost-effective line suitable for a variety of boating activities. We supply standard 3-strand silver rope as well as polyethylene silver rope that features extra UV-resistance. For vessels that spend prolonged periods in the sun or are stored outdoors, we suggest a polyethylene based cord.

If you’re looking for stronger lines, then nylon rope is one of your best choices. It offers superior strength and high resistance to the elements, making it the ideal line for anchoring and mooring. We offer both standard nylon rope and special 3-strand nylon ropes so that you can choose the right one for your needs.

High-Performance Ropes

When you need high strength and performance in your lines, you need to use ropes that enhance these specific features.

If superior strength and durability are your priorities, then Spectra is among your top choices. Spectra rope is one of the strongest ropes available today, providing up to ten times the strength of steel at the same weight. This makes it ideal for activities that require maximum strength and minimal stretch.

We also provide ropes from Liros, which offer low stretch and good grip features that are ideal for control lines and halyards. It’s made with a strong Dyneema core for minimal stretch and covered with polyester for better grip and control. It also comes in different colours for easier visibility and styling with your boat.

Tools and Accessories

Aside from rope and cordage, we also supply a variety of accessories for handling and managing these items on board. We have hot knife blades for the quick cutting or sealing of ropes and splicing fids for holding them in place or separating rope strands. We also stock a variety of thimbles that will help keep your rope and cordage strong while in use.